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We are passionate about providing a safe, stimulating, nurturing environment for your little ones to thrive in. We are committed to keeping parents in the loop, so you can rest assured your kids are getting the care and support they need. 

Our branches are all open from 7am through to 5:30pm. We offer a playgroup, half day, Babeez, full day and grade R learning experience. We follow a carefully thought out curriculum based on the NSF curriculum, designed to guide the children in reaching their mile stones and full potential. Our Grade R’s follow the CAPS curriculum as laid out by the Education Department. All branches are open Monday through to Friday and are closed on public holidays. We offer holiday programs, and many fun weeks in celebration of special occasions throughout the year.
Our ratios vary according to the age group. Our Babeez classroom is 5:1. Our 1-3 year old group is 8:1. Our 3-5 year group is 12:1, and our 6 year old classroom is 14:1.
Our educare teacher’s and assistant’s qualifications depend on the age they are teaching, and the experience they have in caring for young children. Our 2-5 year old Educare teachers have all got a qualification in Educare. Our Grade R teacher has her Bed Degree and many years of experience in a classroom environment. Our 3 month-2 year old teachers either have or are currently completing their qualification in ECD or have many years of experience in working with and teaching young children. Our teaching assistants will either be in the process of their studies or have experience in working in a classroom environment, under the guidance of our Educare teachers and management.
Several of our Educare teachers, assistants and management are CPR & First Aid certified. Parents will be called to inform them of the incident, and we have an incident form that gets filled in to ensure all incidents are reported. Most importantly however, our small teacher to child ratio means we are able to keep a close eye on little ones, to ensure that accidents are avoided where possible. In order to keep our children, their families, and our staff as healthy as possible, we require that any child with a fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, or contagious disease be kept at home. If these symptoms start at school the parents will be contacted to be informed and also requested to collect their child as soon as possible.
With regards to your child’s development, we believe in verbal communication. This way information is not lost or misinterpreted. We do not currently provide termly or annual reports for ages 3 months – 5 years. If we have any concerns regarding your child’s development, we will ask for a meeting where this can be discussed in detail and support programs can be put in place to assist. Our Grade R’s receive termly reports. General information will be put in a newsletter and distributed via email or a hard copy, depending on the information it contains and feedback that is required.
Yes! In fact, we maintain a commercial kitchen and a full-time cook so that we can prepare and serve nutritious, home-cooked meals and snacks for the children in our care. Our daily lunch menu is posted on our school notice board for parents. We are a halaal school, and all food served and prepared is halaal certified. Parents are to provide one piece of fruit for their child each day, which is prepared in our kitchen and served in bowls with a variety of all the children’s fruit for the day. Giving them a variety to choose from. Our afternoon snack consists of a variety of sandwiches with various spreads to choose from. Grade R’s are requested to bring a packed healthy morning snack.
No. For the safety and comfort of your child, we group children according to their age. In this way, we can guarantee age-appropriate activities and play for both inside and outside play.
We follow a play-based programme that has been carefully developed by us, taking the South African National Curriculum Framework into account, ensuring our little children are learning, developing and reaching their full potential holistically in a fun, safe environment.
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